Sunday, 19 June 2011

New Website

Today our fantastic new website is launched,

please let us know what you think and if you have any problems viewing certain pages.

The Online Shop section of the website will be launched later this week.

Many thanks

Pat & Mark

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  1. What a Lovely Website

  2. here we go up and running,please let us have your feedback,
    thankyou for taking the time to check us out

  3. A very pretty and easy to use website. Can't wait to shop online!

  4. Great to see the blog working, Looking forward to everyones feedback.

  5. lovely summers day!! pouring with rain here at totally patched

  6. Love the 'all singing, all dancing' website. Far too distracting for me!! Although I wish to report that I am doing my daily homework - as prescribed last Saturday.

  7. Great shop at Totally patched visited it today and had a very warm welcome

  8. Check our workshop dates, they are booking fast from now to December. If anyone is thinking about joining a class it is best to get on the list now ready for the Autumn term. We had a great "finishing" session this week, sandwiching and sewing and the half time nibbles were very much appreciated, join us for other sessions and get finished off and ready for new winter projects.