Tuesday, 27 November 2012

We're Back!!!

You may have noticed its all gone a bit quiet on the blog lately.
We have been away to Meadowgate in Devon

The holiday home of Kirstie Allsopp, and the house she renovated on TV a few years ago, on Kirsties Homemade Home.
We rented it for 2 weeks and created a quilting retreat for us and our students.
The first weekend was spent with our children, grandchildren and friends.
Whilst the men went off to have a local game of golf, and the children were racing around the garden us girls sat down for a bit of sewing.
One of our daughters bought 3 friends along. Ruth and Laura made a gorgeous cushion each and Rachel had bigger ideas. Having recently settled into a new house, she wanted to create a quilt. Rachel is a beginner to sewing, and doesn't sew at home.
This is how she got on.
With an easy technique and accurate cutting, Rachel is a natural...
The strips were soon being stitched together and after a few hours and a lot of concentration Rachels gorgeous quilt top is finished.

Just in time for all 11 of us to sit down at the huge kitchen table for a delicious Sunday lunch


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